Indivisible Montgomery supports candidates that stand up and fight against the Trump agenda. We favor candidates that promote diversity, inclusion, fairness and transparency in government.

Here are our endorsements for Montgomery County, MD.

Governor / Lieutenant Governor

Ben Jealous / Susan Turnbull

Jealous and Turnbull are bold progressives who have achievable plans to relieve disparities in education and health care, recruit businesses to Maryland and improve the quality of life, and make our state as environmentally friendly as possible. The Jealous campaign is funded by small donors and they have been very responsive to our activism.

In contrast, Larry Hogan’s four-year term has delivered a declining education system, wage growth stagnation, increasing health care costs, and missed opportunities to improve our environment. Furthermore, Hogan is funded by the Koch brothers and allies himself with Republicans like Mike Pence and Chris Christie.


No endorsement

Attorney General

Brian Frosh

Frosh is a clear leader in our state, and he has been one of the most effective attorneys general, protecting Marylanders from the excesses of Big Pharma, the gun lobby, the Trump administration and others.

State Senator / House of Delegates


Montgomery County is divided among many state legislative districts and it is not possible to list all of the candidates here. However, Democratic legislators at the state-level have been very responsive to our activism and we support their election/re-election.

U.S. Senator

Ben Cardin

Sen. Cardin has represented Maryland well during the Trump era and is the best choice for Maryland.

U.S. House

John Sarbanes (MD-03) / David Trone (MD-06) / Jamie Raskin (MD-08)

Trone should join Reps. Sarbanes and Raskin in the U.S. House to hold the Trump administration accountable for all of its awful policies.

County Executive

Marc Elrich

Elrich is, by far, the best candidate for County Executive. He presented his ideas in the Democratic primary, had them thoroughly vetted, and emerged as the voter’s choice for County Executive. The Elrich campaign is also supported by public financing and Elrich has been a regular part of Indivisible Montgomery events.

County Council members


The Democratic candidates for the At-Large seats, as well as for those running in the five districts, are the best suited to serve on the County Council.


No endorsement

State’s Attorney, Clerk of the Court, Register of Wills, Sheriff


The Democrats running for these positions have extensive experience and the incumbents have served the county well.

Board of Education

While we are not making endorsements for the Board of Education, these are important positions. We recommend you do your research on vote411.org and examine the candidates’ websites.

Except for Question 2, the questions on this year’s ballot are issues that Indivisible Montgomery does not typically engage in. We recommend you do your own research on sites like vote411.org to better understand the issues.

Question 1: The education lockbox


Question 2: Same-day voter registration


Question A: County redistricting commission

No position

Question B: Council voting requirements


Question C: Councilmembers’ aides

No position

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